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3/16 Candlelight Vigil - over 300 attended!About Us :
Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace (BNP) is an iq option review 2023 organization of concerned members of the Bethlehem community working for peace. Newly formed in January 2003, as of April 2003 we have over 350 members and growing. BNP is comprised of a wide spectrum of adults and youth who are currently working for a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the crisis in Iraq, and elsewhere in the region. We believe that war is NOT the answer, and that voicing our dissent and helping our government end this disastrous war and avoid future wars are vital and patriotic iq options review acts. (See upcoming events below).

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Upcoming and Recent Events:

Next BNP Organizing Meeting

We are holding our next organizing meeting on Sunday April 27 from 2:30 - 4:30 the Bethlehem Public Library. Please join us!

Strategic Questioning Workshop!

Download the Workshop Flyer and registration form in "pdf" format, or scroll below for the information.
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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Discerning strategies for expanding the energy of the anti-war
movement into long term organizing for peace and justice.

First United Presbyterian Church of Troy
1915 5th Avenue, Troy

9:00 to 12:30 Introduction to Strategic Questioning
(Bring your own bag lunch)

1:30 to 4:30 In-Depth Mentored Applications
Building a local movement for Peace and Justice

Strategic Questioning is a powerful technique for participatory decision-making in support of institutional, personal, and social change. By assuming good will on the part of those being questioned and examining potential common ground, a strategic questioner can call forth a better solution than he or she may have contemplated, and the person being questioned can join in creation and ownership of the change being sought. For an excellent account of the basics and application of Strategic Questioning to social change, see

Paul Lipke will facilitate our workshop. He is regionally and nationally recognized as a leader in the use of strategic questioning to help organizations improve performance by aligning their actions with both authentic human needs and the laws of nature. Paul is Senior Facilitator and Director of Programs and Training for Sustainable Step New England.

Detach and RSVP by Thursday May 1, 2003 See you there!


[ ] I enclose $25 payable to Interhelp, Inc. for the Morning Session

[ ] I enclose $35 payable to Interhelp, Inc. for the full day

[ ] I cannot attend, but enclose a tax-deductible contribution of ____ to help others attend at reduced fees

To attend at a reduced fee, contact Michael Rice to inquire about scholarship availability

Name _____________________________________________


Phone ___________________E-mail ____________________

Reply to Michael Rice, 67 Nine Mile Lane, Delmar, NY 12054, 439-6065,

This event is co-sponsored by Interhelp and Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace

Weekly vigils at 4 corners. A few of our many participants.Weekly Vigils
We hold a weekly peace vigil each Monday evening from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. at “Four corners” (Delaware and Kenwood Avenues in Delmar). Please join us even if you can only come for 15-30 minutes! Bring signs and banners, etc. Please stay on the sidewalks and use crosswalks for your safety!

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Speak Out!

We are distributing signs in the community that read “War is NOT the answer” (with white peace dove) and “NO WAR ON IRAQ! ” for people’s yards and house windows. To purchase one of these signs at cost ($5 and $4 respectively), please contact us 439-1968 or email

We recommend securing these signs however possible--such as placing high up in a tree, on your house, etc. as several people have experienced vandalism or theft of their signs.

Never doubt that your voice counts! Grassroots efforts by people throughout the U.S. and the world is the only thing that will prevent an endless string of wars against other countries after Iraq. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers how you feel. Write the Spotlight, Times Union, Bethlehem Town Board members and members of congress.

Spolight recent coverage

Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace members have had over a dozen letters to the Editor published in the Delmar Spotlight in recent weeks.
Join us by writing to the Spotlight on any peace related issue (see "Write to" below). They maintain that they are able to publish 99% of all letters received (other 1% not published for being inappropriately "dirty", creating liable, etc.), even if it is a couple weeks late. The opinion pages are the second most read section of any newspaper. Let them hear your views!

Write to: The Spotlight, 125 Adams St., Delmar 12054. Or drop off your letter in person. Sue Graves, Executive Editor, is in charge of letters appearing. She has said that if she does not call you regarding your letter, then she "doesn't have it" (they REQUIRE you include your phone number with your letter). Therefore, we recommend calling to confirm that they have it after you have submitted it, or turning it in to Sue in person at the Spotlight office, on Adams just North of Kenwood (turn North onto Adams by the Peter Harris clothes outlet near Four Corners on Kenwood). Spotlight office in on the Left side as you go North (towards Hudson Ave), before the railroad tracks. It is in back of a Jeweler, and not that visible. Spotlight Phone: 439-4949

Links and other Recommended Resources

This is a growing section of our website. Please suggest a link or notify us of broken links by emailing All posts are at the discretion of the volunteer webmaster in conjunction with other BNP members. NOTE: These links are for informational purposes only. Links to a particular site does not imply BNP endorsement of the site or its content.

Join listservs and action lists for Communication, Discussion or Info.

Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace listserv
Stay connected and discuss in between in-person meetings!

CDJP discussion list
(NOTE: Useful but HIGH-traffic list; lots of emails every day usually...)

MoveOn updates and action alerts
Low-traffic (one message every few days approx.) action updates--good stuff rom an amazing international organization


Local alternative news sources

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Photos of Iraq and other resources

Stop the Invasion Photo Project
Pre-3-20-03 photos of ordinary people in Iraq

Digital Journalist
Inside Iraq and Between Iraq and a Hard Drive photo collections

Other Local Peace Organizations:

Capital District for Justice and Peace

Hudson Valley Peace Brigade - The Iraq Peace Team

Women Against War

Saratoga Peace Alliance

UpperHudson Peace Action
(they do not have website that I am aware of)
Pat Beetle is contact person

National/ International Peace Organizations:

United for Peace

International A.N.S.W.E.R.

Other great resources collections:

Military and Veterans against the War

Veterans for Peace

Military Families Speak Out

Veterans for Common Sense

Vietnam Veterans Against the War